> Instead of passing "this" and "other" to your array, PHP
> passes "0" and "other".  Is there any way I can make it
> so that it passes "this"?

[pulled from the manual directly]

Example 1. array_walk() example

$fruits = array ("d"=>"lemon", "a"=>"orange", "b"=>"banana", "c"=>"apple");

function test_alter (&$item1, $key, $prefix) {

    $item1 = "$prefix: $item1";


function test_print ($item2, $key) {

    echo "$key. $item2<br>\n";


echo "Before ...:\n";

array_walk ($fruits, 'test_print');

reset ($fruits);

array_walk ($fruits, 'test_alter', 'fruit');

echo "... and after:\n";

reset ($fruits);

array_walk ($fruits, 'test_print');

The printout of the program above will be:

Before ...:

d. lemon

a. orange

b. banana

c. apple

.... and after:

d. fruit: lemon

a. fruit: orange

b. fruit: banana

c. fruit: apple

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