Thanks, I've created a delimited file of all the HTML Character references.
I then loop through and do a replace as previously suggested.   However,
IE's XML Parser still doesn't like the é which represents 

For all intents and purposes it's ok and works with the RDF processor.
However, I'd like IE to be able to view the XML file just for completeness.


"Analysis & Solutions" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 12:47:57PM +0100, Daniel Pupius wrote:
> > Hi there. I'm working with RDF/XML that is strict on what characters are
> > allowed within the elements and attributes. I was wondering if anyone
had a
> > script that processed a string and replaced all illegal-characters with
> > their HTML code, for example "&" is converted to & and " to ". It should
> > also work for characters like "".
> Here's what I use.  I grab the file and stick it into the $Contents
> string.  Then, I clean it up with the following regex's.  Finally, I
> pass it to the parse function.
>    #  Escape ampersands.
>    $Contents = preg_replace('/(&amp;|&)/i', '&amp;', $Contents);
>    #  Remove all non-visible characters except SP, TAB, LF and CR.
>    $Contents = preg_replace('/[^\x20-\x7E\x09\x0A\x0D]/', "\n",
> Of course, you can similarly tweak $Contents to drop or modify any other
> characters you wish.
> That's snipet is from my PHP XML Parsing Basics tutorial at
> > It would be possible to process the strings before they are inserted
> > the XML document - if that is easier.
> While that's nice, it's not fool proof.  What if someone circumvents
> your insertion process and gets a bad file into the mix?  You still need
> to clean things as they come out just to be safe.
> Enjoy,
> --Dan
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