If anyone read this post, you probably already forgot about it, but I 
just wanted to clarify that I found the source of the problem and it was 
a coding mistake on my part, not a problem with PHP's array 


On Thursday, June 6, 2002, at 03:11  PM, Erik Price wrote:

> Hi all,
> a quick question about using PHP's objects, specifically in terms of 
> the scope of class attributes:
> Normally, in PHP, a variable in a function is local to that function 
> and is NOT a reference to a similarly-named variable outside the 
> function, right?  To the best of my knowledge, there are several ways 
> to allow access to an outside variable from within a function:
> 1) Declare the variable as global with the "global" keyword
> 2) Access it from the $GLOBALS array
> 3) Pass the variable to the function as a parameter
> and probably others, but it's really beside the point because I don't 
> have a question about normal functions.  What I am really wondering is 
> if there is any formal "rules" about the scope of Class Attributes in 
> Class definitions and in methods -- they do not behave identical to 
> PHP's functions.  For instance, I can access a class attribute from 
> within a method of that class without explicitly declaring that 
> attribute global inside the method, or without explicitly passing that 
> attribute as a parameter to the method.  So they seem to behave as if 
> they are always global.
> But if I want to make a change to that class attribute from within a 
> method, am I affecting a copy of the class attribute, or the class 
> attribute itself?  The reason I ask is because I have a Class that is 
> behaving oddly.  Here is the relevant part of the code:
> Class Folder
> {
>       // declare class attributes
>       var $contents = array();
>       // a method to add to $contents
>       function add_to_contents($item)
>       {
>               $this->contents[] = $item;
>       }
>       // a method to remove from $contents
>       function rm_item($index)
>       {
>               unset($this->contents[$index]);
>       }
> }
> The crux of my question is, does this have the effect that it appears 
> to have?  I am hoping someone with thorough understanding of the 
> internals of PHP can give me a definitive answer.  My tests are coming 
> up with strange results, so I haven't figured it out on my own yet.
> Thanks in advance,
> Erik
> PS: FYI, if you unset an array element, there is still an index for 
> that element -- the array does not reindex itself.  A good solution to 
> this, that a fellow lister named Nathan gave me, is to array_push() a 
> dummy var onto the end of the array and then array_pop() it back off -- 
> this reindexes the array.  But I am finding that somehow my arrays are 
> "remembering" old elements that I could have sworn I unset, so I am 
> asking the above question about the scope of class attributes in 
> methods.


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