first, it's not PHP that won't delete the's the nature of cookies.

second, there is no need to try to delete it and set it to a new value.  Just set it 
to the new value.

third, the cookie will expire and disappear when the browser closes.  The browser MUST 
close, not simply go to another page.

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Subject: [PHP] Php 4 Deleteing Cookies: Trying to set and delete a cookie in same page

Hi all.

I'm trying to delte a cookie and then set it to a new value in a php 
page. The problem is that once the cookie is set. PHP will not delete it.

I use PhP 4. Here is the code...The pgp file name is 
the page goes back to itself again..i'm testing to see my code was 
allowing me to update the cookie to new values...etc...any ideas???

<FORM NAME="FORM" ACTION="./testcookie.php">
Your name:<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="username">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="submit" value="submit"

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