Hi all,

About 2.30 in the morning I started kicking around an idea, based on the
recent discussions on sessions, and what --enable-trans-sid did.

>From my understanding:

+   if there is no session cookie, set a cookie AND append a
    session ID to URLs on the first (session start) page

+   on the next page, the session is carried, and it checks to
    see if the cookie set on the prev. page can be found

    -   if it can, it now knows (presumably by setting a session
        var) that cookies are okay

    -   if it can't, it assumes cookies are not avail, and it
        knows that the session must be appended to each URL

+   if the session ID must be appended, it waves a magic wand
    over every .php page and appends a session id... i GUESS
    through buffering or parsing the entire output.

So, couldn't this be emulated by :

+ following the same set/check routine above
+ if needed, wave a magic wand over the output before it's sent to the page,
by the use of output buffering?

If some enough ppl on this list believe it's a good idea to pursue this, and
don't think it will result in a big performance drop or anything, I'm keen
to start work on it as an opensource project, hopefully with the support of
this list to make sure it stays on the right track.

On the other hand, there may be a huge flaw in my idea :D

Justin French

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