On Friday 07 June 2002 06:57, Anthony Ritter wrote:
> Newbie question.
> I understand that one can open a page off an existing website to extract
> text data using a PHP script by using the fopen and fread functions.
> And by using the strip_tags() function, one can extract data without the
> html markup as a literal string.
> Here's my question...
> Let's say that a html page from a website out on the 'net consists of three
> paragraphs of text and four html tables.
> Within each of those tables is text.
> And let's say that the second table down has three columns - water
> temperature, water level and cfs flow along with numerous records.
> Is there any way to extract *specific* data off a page - in this case - the
> second table - while leaving the balance of the text and the other tables
>  1, 3 and 4) alone?

You need to use regular expressions.

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