You can create the column with a BINARY flag to make it case-sensitive,
or use blobs, which are case-sensitive by nature.

You can also use the keyword BINARY to cast a column to case-sensitive
in your query.


The BINARY operator casts the string following it to a binary string.
This is an easy way to force a column comparison to be case-sensitive
even if the column isn't defined as BINARY or BLOB: 
mysql> SELECT "a" = "A";
        -> 1
mysql> SELECT BINARY "a" = "A";
        -> 0

BINARY string is a shorthand for CAST(string AS BINARY). See section
6.3.5 Cast Functions. BINARY was introduced in MySQL Version 3.23.0.
Note that in some context MySQL will not be able to use the index
efficiently when you cast an indexed column to BINARY. 
If you want to compare a blob case-insensitively you can always convert
the blob to upper case before doing the comparison: 

SELECT 'A' LIKE UPPER(blob_col) FROM table_name;

We plan to soon introduce casting between different character sets to
make string comparison even more flexible. 

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