Absolutely right!  I'm storing the password needlessly.  I've got the user
name and that's all I need for anything further.  Thanks!


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> On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 11:32:48AM -0500, Jeff Field wrote:
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> > In regards to "Passing/testing the password on each page is
> unnecessary and
> > poses security risks.", I'm under the impression that when I
> create the user
> > and password variables, the variables are only available in the session
> > cookie on my own server, not in the cookie that is sent to the user to
> > maintain sessions.  The cookie sent to the user merely contains
> the session
> > ID.  Therefore, other than someone hijacking the session, I'm a little
> > unclear as to the security risk.  Have I got this right?
> A general rule:  if something doesn't need to be stored, don't store it.
> This saves time and space.
> In the instance of passwords, storing them needlessly keeps sensitive
> information around.  This poses a problem in the event your system gets
> compromised.  There are lots of ways that can happen, both known and yet
> to be discovered and yet to be created.  So, it's just safer not to do
> it.
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