On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, webmaster mbtradingco wrote:
> Hey Scott, that at least helped me to find out what is going wrong.
> When I use the code as you told me...
>            $fd=readdir("/home/casapu/paginas /image/caterleras/");
>            if (!$fd) die ("Can't read dir");
> It gives me:
> Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in
> /home/casapu/paginas/mbt/php/dir.php on line 7
> Can't read dir
> So I'm assuming is not accepting the directory. I have checked the
> permits, and it has all enabled, read, write and executable.
> I have tried with the final slash, and without it, and so far it keeps
> giving me that message... any ideas?

Does the directory "paginas " really have a blank space at the end of the 


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