I am trying to track every user who visits my site (over 100,000 per
minute..), and I have over 25 queries in my tracking script... and I have a
feeling some users are "closing" the script before it finishes executing,
even though my script loads very quickly.. and its causing some of my MySQL
tables to report tracking incorrectly, for instance "C" in my table is
"Completed", which is when the script is done.  When they first start
loading, its "R", or "Receiving Request".  If in 5 minutes a "C" isn't
received, it is set to "T", or "Timeout".  And right now, doing some
polling, I am getting around 50% "C", and 40% "T", which can not happen.  I
need the "T" to be <10%.

So, I just need the script to execute fully, and I believe it will
counteract all the problems with "R" going to "T".  If anyone has any
insight, please share :)

Thank you,

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