I'm working on a message board.  Everything is working fine, except some of
the beta testers have requested the desire to have a "6 new replies" type
system, so that they can easily recognise threads with new posts.

The board is open to both guests (email) and users (userid), and the plan
would be to know when the user last logged in, and highlight new posts /
replies since that last login (and do nothing like this for guests).

I did this by keeping the date of the current login, and the login before
it, and shuffling them back upon a new login.  This gave me a "previous
login" timestamp to compare with post times.

All works well, except that once the user has read the posts, or an entire
thread, they're no longer NEW posts, they're just posts, which shouldn't be

So, what's another approach I can use?

Log the each thread the user has read (and the date they read it), and if
the thread has changed since that date, highlight it?

Thanks in advance,

Justin French

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