I'm wondering how PHP handles result sets and other info gathered from

The reason I ask is I've been messing with mysql_connect() functions all
day, finally found a solution (or so I thought), then a couple hours later I
returned to my site and got an "Unable to connect" error.

When I make a change to the mysql_connect() function in my PHP script, then
save and reload that page, it doesn't seem to have any effect at the time.
For example, I don't allow any anonymous access to my MySQL server, but I
can take out host, user, and password information from mysql_connect(), save
and reload and it still loads as if the function worked.

I've already tried deleting all cached info through my browser (IE) and I've
made other PHP changes that do take effect, it's just the mysql_connect()
that doesn't seem to want to work.

The site is www.miatapix.net - I have it showing as working fine on my side,
someone else want to take a look at it and see what they get? And any help
for this? It's hard to troubleshoot things when results aren't immediately

Thanks in advance,

Jason Soza

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