Try using a different database and it might be worth while...

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Subject: Re: [PHP] FUDforum 2.0 Stable Released

Is it just me or the forum area totally overflowing with choices? I often
wonder why people don't pool talents and work on really great products,
instead people break off and make their own system - quite unusual...


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Subject: [PHP] FUDforum 2.0 Stable Released

> FUDforum 2.0 is a web forum released under the GPL license, written in
> utilizing a MySQL database backend.
> The forum is completely customizable via a templating system, which is
> compiled for optimal performance. The templating
> system also has integrated i18n support, which allows the forum to be used
> other languages, at this time there are 5
> different languages to, which translations are available in the standard
> distribution and more will be available soon.
> The spell checker integrated into the forum, which utilizes pspell library
> also has multi-lingual support,
> thus permitting even the non English speakers to spell check their
> FUDforum 2.0 also includes a powerful user group management system, that
> allows fine grained control over the users of the forum,
> for the administrator as well as the group manager(s) assigned by the
> administrator.
> In addition to these features, the forum contains all the other features
> may have come to expect from a web forum, such as the
> ability to attach files to messages, include polls, private messaging
> FUDcode, which allows the user to style their text
> without the need for HTML, thread & forum subscriptions with both e-mail &
> notification, buddy and ignore lists, a full text search
> and many more.
> Despite all these features, FUDforum is extremely fast and scales
> well, by using MySQL indexes and table views implemented in PHP
> to retrieve the data in the most expedient manner possible. The result, is
> that most forum pages take ~0.01-0.02 seconds to generate on
> most computers, even while the forum is under a heavy load.
> The forum, by default is setup with very secure file permissions, that are
> designed in such a way that given a reasonably well setup web
> server, your forum's data will be safe against hackers.
> You can download FUDforum from and if
> have any questions, there is a support forum at
>, where you can get answers to your questions
> concerns about the forum.
> Ilia Alshanetsky
> FUDforum Core Developer

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