I've built an application framework in PHP that makes heavy use of the 
"smart URL" technique for passing variables, which works great with 
Apache 1.3.22. I have reports, however, that it breaks under Apache 2.x, 
and would like to verify whether or not anyone can confirm this.

I'm using URLs to pass parameters in the manner of the relatively 
well-known method, e.g.



    <Location info>
       ForceType  application/x-httpd-php

in the httpd.conf file. It works like a charm (on Linux, anyway). I've 
run into problems with it under FreeBSD, but I was forewarned that it 
might not work there.

Another user of the framework, however, just installed Apache 2/PHP 
4.2.1 on Linux, and reports that the "smart URLs" aren't being so smart, 
and generate 404s.

Strangely, the URL


will correctly execute as PHP a script called "info", but


will NOT execute the info script, instead looking for a directory path 
that doesn't exist, and generating a 404 error.

Since I don't have Apache 2 installed, I can't test it myself. Has 
anyone used this trick (and made it work) with Apache 2? I don't know 
whether to blame a fundamental change in Apache 2, or to look for some 
other configuration error in the user's system.


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