Did you verify that the variables actually contain data?

They're probably empty, which is why they dont seem to
be passing correctly.

Scott Hurring
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EAC Corporation
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"Kris Vose" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
I am looking for a way to pass two variables in a url string to a php script.  I
originally was using java script to acomplish this because once the user is
redirected they can not press the back button to get back to the original page.
It looks like this:
<script> window.location =

I have also tried it this way:

echo "<script> window.location =

Unfortunately both ways do not work.  In the first instance the script jumps to
the window location but does not pass php variables into the url string.  In the
second instances the java script does not even compile.

Is there a way to do this with php?...html?...javascript?

...I think that window.location does not except url string variables or
something.  Anyway if anyone can help it would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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