> I am trying to feature a calendar on a web site. I would 
 > like it to display on a page and be able to change to 
 > another month when this is requested and display items for 
 > the general public. I want the client to be able to go into 
 > the database and update the items and those items to appear 
 > on the site. Is there something outthere already packaged like this?

I've got an older version online (with a tar.gz of the code I use) at
calendar.outbackqld.net.au although it's old now and the new version
(which you can view at www.isisford.qld.gov.au) isn't quite ready to be
packaged up as an archive for release yet.

If it looks like something you're interested in then let me know and I
could package up what's there - it's just not real portable in the newer
form yet.

CYA, Dave

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