I've got a question to ask about Zend Accelerator that should go in an 
evaluation support ticket, but I can't seem to create one. 

All of the docs say "Go to your Pickup Depot and click 'New Ticket'". It 
even says that *in* the pickup depot, but the words "new ticket" aren't 
linkable, and nowhere else in the pickup depot says "new

I'll go ahead and ask the questions I was going to make support tickets
out of as well: so if that's sufficiently off topic here then you can
skip  the rest. sorry :) 

A> I was going to mention that the Zend Accellerator v2.0.0 (the one for 
php 4.0.5/6) downloads as an empty file. We're already migrating to php 
4.1.2, so that one's mainly an fyi. 

B> We can't seem to get Zend Accellerator v2.0.1 to work with our php 
4.1.2 test installation. We've got --disable-debug set in our php 
configure flags, the install-tty script ran smoothly, everything looks 
good in php.ini, and apache had no complaints restarting, but nothing 
shows up in phpinfo(). Any other recommendations or things to check would
 be a great help. 

Thanks you all for listening, and may the force be with ye :) 

- - Jesse Thompson 

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