I have figured out how to do it thanks for you guys help..

Just one thing...

$contact = array( 'moreinfo.php' => 'More Info'
    , 'contact.php' => 'Contact Us'
    , 'apage.php' => 'A Page'
foreach ($contact as $link => $name)
 echo "<li><a href='". $link ."'>". $name ."</a></li><br>";

What I need to do now is in the echo string is make use something like:

 $echo = "<li><a href='". $link ."'>". $name ."</a></li><br>";

I have tryed doing it this way but it will only desplay one array when I
call $echo down the page.

What can I do to desplay all of them?

"Dan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm trying to get my head around arrays and how to munipulate them.
> what I need to do is add html around the arrays eg.
> <li><a href='".$link(0)."'>".$name."</a></li>;
> I have my head around that but I the number of lines the I need to create
> going to change so I need the script to repeat untill all the arrays are
> used.
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