Hi Folks,

Let me begin with the direct question to save you time.  If you want 
more info read more about the issue by reading 'The Problem:' below.

The question:

Is there any way to '--enable-track-vars' in my Macintosh laptop 
running Mac OS-X 10.1.5 and a version 4.2.1 installation of PHP 
without creating a php.ini file?  Is there a command I can run to do 
this?  If so...  What directory do I need to be in when I do this?

Configuration Info:

Mac OS X
PHP Version 4.2.1

The problem:

I have a PHP application which works fine on a Cobalt server that is 
running PHP 4.0.2. My problem is that I'm trying to run this 
application (a set of PHP scripts) on my Macintosh laptop which is 
running Mac OS X 10.1.5.  I have tested the PHP installation using 
the phpinfo() function on my laptop and it works fine.  But my 
scripts require the tracking of variables.

By running the phpinfo() function on both my laptop (PHP v. 4.2.1 
this does not run my scripts) and the cobalt server (PHP v. 4.0.2 
this does run my scripts) I noticed that there was some difference in 
the configuration.  I noticed that my laptop configuration does not 
have '--enable-track-vars' listed under the Configure Command 
information in the PHP configuration page that results from running 
the phpinfo() function but the Cobalt PHP installation does have that 

The installation of PHP I used was obtained from:


This page says that this installation package does not include a 
php.ini file and it goes on to say that, if I want this file I should 
just create it.  But it does not say what should go into this php.ini 
file.  I suppose I could just copy the php.ini file from the Cobalt 
server running PHP v. 4.0.2 but I think that won't work.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Mario Salinas

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