LOL...thanks ed...figured it out last night...
don't need to do a file_exists

since i capture file_name in my db...I do a query before the insert to see
if the file_name entered in the form, matches any of the file_names stored
in mySQL.  if the count of the record set > 0 then the file exists, and
redirect using header: Location...etc,etc.

If count=0 then insert form contents into docuemnt and copy file to folder.


"Ed Lazor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> LOL  Yea, it's always much easier if we have actual code to work from
> than taking guesses in the dark.
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> Why do I get the feeling I'm playing that "mind bender" game where you
> to guess the right combination within so many turns?  LOL
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