Hi All,

I'm writing a search facility and am stripping noise words from a string
(The string contains between 50 - 200 words). Presently I'm importing a text
file of noise words (The noise words file contains almost 1000 words) then
using :

   #-- remove noisewords
   $cntLmt = count($noise_words);
   for ($i=0; $i<$cntLmt; $i++) {
    $filterword = trim(strtolower($noise_words[$i]));
    $filtered = preg_replace("/(\b$filterword \b)/x"," ",$filtered);

to remove these noise words.

However I'm wondering if it would be quicker to separate the $filtered
string and then look for the words in a noise words string. If so how would
I do this and remove the words?



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