This may be entirely incorrect, but something that might be worth 
checking is to find the SQL statements being executed for item 2) in 
your list and make sure that all values in the SQL statement have had 
addslashes() performed on them.

For example, if your statement is something like:

insert into mytable(mycolumn1, mycolumn2) values('$val1', '$val2');

Add this prior to the build of that statement:


I'm only suggesting this for a test. If it resolves your problem, then 
great. :) I seem to recall a period where I was not adding slashes 
(shame on me), but apparently PHP was doing it for me, or I got lucky 
and none of my variables had single quotes. When I upgraded, I ran into 
problems due to my SQL statements having errors.

Anyway, something to try...


Septic Flesh wrote:

>Well I have jsut updates to the latest PHP version..
>I was running a shopping catalog that now does not work with the new
>I access the Database to get
>1). a list of available Product categories. (that works)
>2). then from the selected category I get the available products that are in
>this category. does not work...
>In the URL i get the filename.php?cat_id=1
>but that 1 seems not readable..
>Any idea ?

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