Being relatively new to php, I discovered the following after about 2 hours
of debugging last night and was wondering why???

I had the following code:

if ( $num_results = 0 )
        echo "no records found";
        for ($i=0; $i < $num_results; $i++)
                display record set

As a result, the for loop never executed, no matter how many records were
returned in the record set. I placed echo statements though out to determine
why the for loop was not being executed. I put an echo statement just before
the for to make sure the else condition was being met.

Finally, I just copy/pasted (literally) the for loop to just before the 'if'
statement. Much to my surprise...the for loop now works perfectly. (Except,
of course, if there are no records returned).

The duduction...for loops will not work inside else statements. The

I think I can work around this with some different coding, but why should I
have to? I have done this same thing in java, perl and other languages...

Mark Roberts
Sr. Systems Analyst
LanApps/Web Development
The Williams Information Services Corporation

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