Yes Miguel, i've set all the required environment to the .bash_profile for
the user oracle.
What im wondering are , i've also installed oracle/php/apache in AIX server
and my php scripts with ora function just work. But for the RedHat Linux i
should run apache as oracle/dba. I've also set all the required enviroment
in my php scripts. Heres the sample:


This will only works if apache runs oracle/dba.


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> On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Michael P. Carel wrote:
> > Is there anyone who could give me some reasons why does my php script
> > oracle function does'nt work if i run apache as nobody/nobody?
> >
> > My script only work if i run apache as oracle/dba.
> Maybe your environment variables (ORA_BASE, etc.) are getting set in user
> oracle's .login file.
> miguel

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