Hey guys...  I'm currently using PHP, FreeTDS, and Sybase libraries to
access a database on an MS SQL 2000 server.  Things are going fine, except
for my more complex queries.  Here is an example:

SELECT Servers.Name, Nics.MAC
FROM Servers INNER JOIN Nics ON Servers.ServerId = Nics.Server
WHERE (((Nics.MAC)="0002B34DA81F")) OR (((Nics.MAC)="0002B34DA76F")) OR
(((Nics.MAC)="0002B34DA32D")) OR (((Nics.MAC)="0002B34DA31D"));

This query isn't even as bad as it's going to get, but I get the error:

"Sybase error:  Invalid column name '0002B34DA81F'."

I get this for each Nics.MAC entry that I make.  If I don't include the
"WHERE/OR" statement, the query runs fine.  The query runs correctly on the
MS SQL server itself, but I can't get it to work here.

I assume that PHP just passes the query to the SQL server directly, so there
must be something that I'm missing.  Do I need to escape more than just the
quotes?  If there is anything I need to know about PHP and MS SQL before I
go on, I'd love to hear it.  ;-)


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