On 06/12/2002 12:13 PM, Nathan Cassano wrote:
> Hi PHP folks,
>       I have a program that sends out email by making socket
> connection to our email server. The problem is that the program is very
> slow because it has to finish talking to the email server until it can
> proceed with the next email (as opposed to the mail() function that just
> forks off a sendmail process). Is there a way for PHP to fork or
> multi-thread to do I/O?

That is not the reason why sendmail may be (or not) faster than SMTP.

Usually sendmail is faster because it directly injects the messages in 
the local mailer queue, instead of going through a TCP connection.

If you can use sendmail there isn't really a good reason to use SMTP 
instead if all you want it is speed.


Manuel Lemos

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