It is working.

The last two tests you were running weren't actually the same, which was
confusing your testing results.  I've altered the code a little for ease of
testing.  It's included below.

-----Original Message-----
You will see that $unserialized['foo'] still exists! Can anyone explain me
what I'm doing wrong?



$array = array (
        "foo" => "bar",
        "wom" => "bat"

echo $array["foo"] . "<br>";
echo $array["wom"] . "<br>";

$serialized = serialize($array);

echo $serialized . "<br>";

$unserialized = unserialize($serialized);

echo $unserialized["foo"] . "<br>";
echo $unserialized["wom"] . "<br>";

echo "<hr>";

$keys = array_keys ($unserialized);

echo $keys[0] . "<br>";
echo $keys[1] . "<br>";

echo "<hr>";

if (key_exists("foo", $unserialized)) { echo "foo exists!<br>"; }
if (key_exists("wom", $unserialized)) { echo "wom exists!<br>"; }

echo "<hr>";
unset ($unserialized['foo']);

if (key_exists("foo", $unserialized)) { echo "foo exists!<br>"; }
if (key_exists("wom", $unserialized)) { echo "wom exists!<br>"; }

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