On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, andy wrote:
> I am wondering whats wrong with my php script. I am trying to write a
> newsletter to 150 members. Therefore I did seperate the adresses with a ,
> After about 1 minute php gave up telling me mail has failed.
> Is there a restriction on sening mail via mail(xx) via php?
> Anyway what do I do if I would have 10000 members. This might take lots of
> cpu?! So I would like to keep it via my webinterface, but be able to email
> to all members.

Use PHP to manage a list of subscribers that is in a format acceptable to 
your MTA (.qmail, sendmail alias file, etc.). Then you can just use one 
call to mail() and let your MTA take care of it, which is what it's made 
for (and not what PHP is made for).


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