select MAX(<column name>)

what you are looking for?  I know it works on numeric columns, I'm not sure
if it works on non-numbers, you'd have to look it up in a SQL Tutorial

Good luck!


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I'm sorry if this mensaje is posted twice. I sent it yesterdays, but then my
ISP had problems with e-mail and I lost dozens of them and don't know if
sent OK.

Hi all,

What I'm trying to do here is not inside PHP nor MySQL books I have. I need
to query the DB to look the max result in a column. That is, if I have
affiliate members with ID going from 1 to 10, get the query to know that the
last member added was 10 so I can add member 11 without using
auto_increment, because I need to insert old members too which already have
ID numbers. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance,

Cesar Aracena <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
Neuquen, Argentina

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