I have a db field, type varchar, that is actually a 'date' string formatted 
as dd-mm-YYYY. I used type 'varchar' (rather than type 'date') since I had to 
accomplish other things with it.

Now, however, I do need to extract the Year (the last four digits in the 
array). I've tried to access the array $_SESSION['expiry'] but I don't know 
how to explode this array to extract all characters in last item after the 
last separator : i.e. '-YYYY'.  I've used "-" as the separator, but I just 
get the first number of the last part of the array, i.e.: '-Y'.

Is there a way of extracting all characters in that array?

I've tried a bunch of combinations, but I obviously don't understand the 
basic mechanics of array manipulation or 'slicing'. If someone could point me 
to a good resource, or explain what I'm doing wrong, I would greatly any 


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