I've had many troubles with my php, now I'm a beginner
when it comes to php. I had installed Apache 1.3.2,
and was trying to run simple php4. You know with
index.php?id=yourpage with the code on the page being
<?php include ("$id.html"); ?> See what happened is my
hard-drive crashed and I lost all my programs ect. I
managed to save my code for Apache, but with no luck
am able to use php like I want again. I installed php
4.2.0 I believe, and well I was looking and with my
old httpd.conf, I used a php4 ScriptAlias, well it
pointed to some wierd place that I don't recall
installing. Is there a different php.exe for php4? Do
you understand, I think I'm in the dark here, and I
just need to know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.

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