Until the recent version of PHP i've enjoyed being able to pass variables as
name/value pairs within my URL.  this has been essential for accessing my
mysql database.  here is an example of a url.


of course that link tells the script to fetch all associated data from a
particular table where the ad id = 1.  you knew that.

now here is my problem.  I just upgraded to the newest version of PHP.  Now
passing name/value pairs isn't an option.  I've read the security issues
involved, and that's all fine and dandy, but how do pass these values from
one page to the other (w/o turning register_globals back on).

using a form and posting the value to the next page and accessing the value
with $_POST[] isn't an option.  there are over 100 links per page
dynamically generated using a while loop.  the output looks like this:



any thoughts?

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