Nope, he's lying. PHP is server side, a browser is well,
browser side. So, no. The only possible way is if you had
your PHP actually printing (by say an accidentally closed ?php>)
which would cause it to be show, but since thats a programming
mistake, thats not really a fault of the language.


On Thu, 2002-06-13 at 09:12, Angelo Marcos Rigo wrote:
> Hi list
>       I am using php on the company´s website  that i work
>       and now someone told me that  you can view the php source with
> the opera browser
>       he says he done it by himself .
>       Anybody can tell me if it´s true or not ?
>       or in wich conditions this can happen! how to fix this?
>       Thank´s
> Ângelo Marcos Rigo
> Webmaster Colégio Anchieta
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