"Philipp Melab" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Yes, Ithought that embedding must be faster too. But I was confused
> in nearly every PHP-Beginner Tutorial/Book I've seen the Hello-World
> Example looks like this:
> <?
> echo "<html>";
> echo "<head>";
> echo "<title>...</title>";
> echo "</head>";
> echo "<body>";
> echo "<p>Hello World!</p>";
> echo "</body>";
> echo "</html>";
> ?>

Hello Philipp,

I think that must be because it's the most easy to explain... It's very easy
for people having experience with Perl, since Perl works that way...

I personally only use templates (I even wrote a caching template engine) ,
so that would be the last step in layout I think ;)


Leon Mergen

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