Hello All,

I am having a problem, mostly concept wise of how, or if I can use client
side Javascript in a server side php statement.

I have a JavaScript function that onChange of a list box, takes the value of
an option and grabs data from a MySQL table. My problem is how do I use the
JavaScript var in my sql statement?

Here is the function.

function Modify_Item_Details(){

var test =

        $sql = "Select i.QTY_ON_HAND, u.UNIT from items i INNER JOIN";
        $sql.= " units u ON i.Unit_Index = u.Unit_Index";
        $sql.= " where i.Item_Index = '".echo "test\n"."'";

$result = mysql_query($sql);
 while ($vars = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
   echo "document.forms[0].available.text='".$vars[0]."';";
   echo "document.forms[0].units.text='".$vars[0]."';";
}//end Modify_Item Details

Thanks for any help,


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