V> Here's the question: If a member logs out (session_destroy()) or closes
V> the browser, the session data is gone, right?


V> How, then, would I go about storing information about the member's activity on the 

By adding into your site, any of those custom tracking things.  For
example, if you wanted to note that they clicked on a link to an
article, then the script that serves that article would insert such a
note into a table in the db designed specifically for that purpose.

What you would be noting would be the ID of the user, not the value of
PHPSESSID, because that's just a random string for the period of time
that the user is logged in.

V> The next time they log in, I'd like to greet them with a message that says
V> "Hi, $username. You last visited the site on $date and you viewed the 
V> following articles: $article1, $article2."

Easy enough, if you have tables and little insert snippets scattered
about to handle that.

- Julie

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