select ID, Title from Books where ID='500';

That will give you the current set of data to display.  Getting the previous
and next record will depend on your sort order.  Assuming ID as the sort
order, store the value of ID and query for the next record:

select ID from Books where ID > '$ID' order by ID ASC limit 1;

Previous record:

select ID from Books where ID < '$ID' order by ID DESC limit 1;

The same approach works for the Title field.

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> Subject: [PHP] Re: next and previous buttons performing on a query
> has an excellent article on creating a 
> results page that
> incorporates NEXT and PREVIOUS links/buttons so that one can navigate
> through the results.. i'll try to find an exact link.
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> Hi all,
> I have this mySQL query giving me my result back.
> The info about the current db-record is showing.
> Now I want to display ' view next ' and ' view previous ' 
> buttons on my
> website. which takes you to the same page but with the next 
> record in the
> query result.
> Is there a clever way to do this?
> Any tips are welcome!
> Many regards
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