Would that solve my probem with the BACK button?

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> instead of using js to redirect, could you use header("location:"); ?
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> Subject: [PHP] Can I set the value of variable depending on when the
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> Hi,
> I have a an HTML page containing a form used to search my website.  The
> has a drop-down menu with two choices.  When the submit button is clicked,
> call a PHP page which look at the value of the drop down menu selection
> redirects to the appropriate form handler.
> Basically, my PHP file creates a form called 'searchform' and creates it
> dynamically based on the vale of my drop down menu field passed from the
> calling page.
> I just use the following JavaScript to redirect:
> echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">\n";
> echo "setTimeout('document.searchform.submit()',0);\n";
> echo "</script>\n";
> My problem is, when the user clicks the BACK button on their browser, it
> will just redirect back to the search results page.  I'd like it to take
> them back to the original page.  I'm thinking that if I could reset the
> value of the drop-down menu field, I can just use:
> echo "<form name=\"searchform\" action=\"javascript:
> But, how can I tell where the user is coming from?
> I've seen these types of searches before so maybe someone can clue me in?
> Thanks,
> Don

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