I have a fairly obscure setup where I have procmail directly executing a
PHP script specially made for this purpose. This php script uses the same
code (classes) used for the web applications, and the classes works just

The symptom: I am getting double INSERT's into database.

Conclusion: The php script is getting invoked twice. I concluded this by 
inserting some dummy rows into the DB wtih 'getmypid()' as the values, and 
two rows get inserted, each with a PID one digit apart, yet all other data 
the same.

Attempts: I have attempted to diddle all kinds of stuff, turned of 
register_globals, register_argc_argv, surfed usenet archives, web. seems I 
have no clue who is invoking this. Interestingly, only one process' output 
gets piped to the MAIL_IMPORT_LOG log file (see below).

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Using 4.1.1 and ADODB 2.12 on RedHat 

Here is my procmail if anyone cares...

PROC_SUBJECT=`formail -xSubject: `
PROC_FROM=`formail -xFrom: `
PROC_TO=`formail -xTo: `
TRAP="php -q /home/app/poller/mail_importer.php"

* ^To:.*test.host.com
  :0 c


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