The last test I did was to put a custom built (by me) box dual 1.2G P4's 36G
Raid 5 all on 7200RPM spindles and 2GB ram running WIN 2000 Server with all
the back office toys vs. an old 133M Pentium, 1.2G 256Meg garbage box I had
in the basement running BSDi Unix with squid caching. The garbage box was 8
times faster. Look I'm not out to bash Microsoft but every good carpenter
has more than one tool in his box and knows which one to use for which job.
Even Microsoft uses Unix for their Web Servers.

Bruce Karstedt
Technology Consulting Associates, Ltd.
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Fax: 847-735-9474

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Do you have any benchmarks?

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> fans). Put your site on a *nix box with apache its a heck of
> a lot faster

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