No, everything in PHP happen on the server, BEFORE it gets to the browser.
The browser only sees plain HTML code.

So, page refreshing can be done client-side with JavaScript or META refresh.

Opening a new window can be done in HTML with <A HREF="blah.php"
target="_blank">click</a>, or with a javascript pop-up.

You can redirect the browser to a different URL *IF* you haven't sent
anything to the browser yet (ie, before <DOCTYPE...> or <HTML>) using PHP's
header function (header("Location: blah2.php")).

Justin French

on 15/06/02 12:36 AM, Hotmail ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Dear sir,
> I have two questions :
> 1- Is there a function in php that refreshes my page ?
> 2- Is there a function that lets me open a new window ?

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