Hello Rosen,
                    You can try with visudo command in linux.
For example if you want to give permission to user1 then give shutdown permission to 
that user using visudo command.
you have to edit something like
username      ALL=(ALL) ALL
Here the above user is assigned with all rights.When the above said user tries any 
then that command should starts with sudo.for example
prompt # sudo shutdown.

Hope this will help you.Let me know if you have any problem.

KovaiTeam Softwares.

but the idea is another user only to start and shutdown the server.

Any ideas ?


Bruce Karstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> This is a bad idea from a security standpoint. If your server is local,
> login as root and type shutdown. If the system is remote telnet to the
> login, su to root and type reboot. If you use shutdown remotely, there is
> way to restart the server.
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> I am not a security expert.  Check with others to get their opinion on
> whether this is the best approach.
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> > The server is Linux Red Hat 7.2
> > > > Can someone tell me how I could make shut down the server ?
> > > > Is it possible ?

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