I'm not sure what sysadmins you are talking about, but /tmp is typically 
a world-writable directory.

Also, there is no such "strict" Unix naming convention. The directory 
/tmp is always /tmp, so matter how "lenient" you want to be. There is 
simply a difference between relative paths and absolute paths.


Bruce Karstedt wrote:

>I was referring to strict Unix directory naming conventions. /tmp is the
>equivalent of root/tmp and no sysadmin wants you writing to his /tmp
>directory. In fact you should not be allowed to write to /tmp. While I have
>not checked this, I have the feeling that PHP takes care of this for you. If
>you are creating a subdirectory, say for data, on your web site the Unix
>path may be something like /websites/yoursitename/htdocs/subdirectory.
>Since your default directory would be /websites/yoursitename/htdocs to get
>to /websites/yoursitename/htdocs/subdirectory you should use ./subdirectory
>which means "start in my default directory and go down one level to
>I'm sorry if this sounds critical, but I have found that many of the problem
>posted to this list are OS based, and I urge the members to learn both the
>operating system that they do their development on and the box where your
>site is hosted. The use of OS standard directories such as /tmp or /etc are
>bad form in Unix and make error log analysis difficult at best
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>BK> You should not be writing to /tmp that is a system directory. php.ini is
>BK> file. If you need a "temporary" directory, use ./tmp that will be
>BK> in your web root directory.
>With all due respect, I think there's a reason that /tmp is the default
>session.save_path value in php.ini.  /tmp is temp.  It's where
>temporary things go.
>Saying "you shouldn't use that" is pretty much saying "Hey PHP
>Development Group, you've done this wrong for 2 years".  If you don't
>want to write your session files to /tmp, then don't.  But please
>don't say that it's wrong to do so.  That's not the answer to the
>guy's particular problem.
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