I've inherited a MySQL db (4MB on disk) that's riddled with
inconsistent storage of character entities from being pasted from
Word.  At very least I hope to convert all quotes "‘" - "”"
to HTML's """ and "'".

I imagine I'll run a big query, save the id's needing edit in a file
than have a script hit all those, pulling text/varchar fields, using
strtr() to make changes and updating.  I suppose I could have the
script just do the 1st 10 in the file, remove those from the file,
then I'd recall the script.  I imagine this might take 10/20 minutes.

Am I missing some internal MySQL feature that would do this?  Hmm,
what about running strtr() on a mysqldump-ed file?  Any advice/links
appreciated.  Please CC me.

Thanks a lot!

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