Hey all,
I am in the middle of writing a script to allow users to search through
news archives on my website. Anyhow I am just wondering which logic you
believe best suits a search.
i.e. say a user types in 'games AND playstation' then only results
containing both those words will be returned
by the same token they could type in 'games OR playstation' then results
containing either word will be returned
However if a user does not explicity join there search critiera
i.e. 'games playstation' what should I assume?
What would you expect? Google for example wacks an 'AND' inbetween which
is wise considering they are searching billions of pages however my site
obviously will only be searching a few hundred so maybe I should assume
an 'OR'?
So basically I just am curious to know what you would expect when
entering multiple critera.

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