Hopefully I didn't send this to the wrong list...:-)
I have a couple of questions if you don't mind... the PHP
help files seem to be very vague with respect to html issues.

Questions: How can I get the "selected" info from a selectbox that is in
another form on the same page... I've tried everything I know to be able to
get this. For instance, if a selectbox is part of $f1 and I'm submitting
using $f2, how can I get the selection from the $f1 selectbox and use it in
my $f2?

Also, how can I insert a "textbox" or other items into a cell? The
input_text belongs to $f2 and I need to insert it into a cell. for example
the following doesn't work properly as it inserts it, but on a submit..
again the values don't belong to $f2.

insert($t,$c = cell());
insert($c, input_text(array("name"=>"matrix",


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