CI> I have a dedied server (with linux RedHat 7.2) and PHP 4.1.2.
CI> I'd like to update to the version 4.2.1

Wise.  Be sure to read the changelog!

CI> Is it enought :
CI> tar -zxvf phpfile4-2-1.gz

No.  All that does is unpack the distribution. You must now build the PHP

If you were the person who installed PHP before, then you probably
remember the process.  It's a configure/make/make install process.

You may want to do a phpinfo() on your existing installation, to
determine the configuration directives that were used.  Likely, you
will want to use the same ones (or nearly the same) with this new

Once the configure is successful, do a make && make install.  This
will place the PHP module in the correct place.   You need to then
restart Apache.

Note that this is a very simple description.  The PHP Manual has a
wonderful and thorough chapter on installation and configuration.

Or, if you need extra hand-holding, I have a hand-holding tutorial
called "Setup and Install Apache with PHP 4.2.1 as a Dynamic Module"

Although you wouldn't need the Apache part, just the PHP building

Good luck!

- Julie

--> Julie Meloni

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