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> When you think you got it, you don't get it..
> Im trying to scan the link for =A-Z0-9_=, dump the '=' and evaluate the 
> remainder as a defined constant.
> Yes its funny looking, but if I could get this going Im golden.
> $bar is always returned with '=_L_OL_HERE=' as the link and not 'here' 
> as it supposed to be.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> <?php
> define('_L_OL_HERE', 'here');
> $foo = '<a href="">=_L_OL_HERE=</a>';
> $bar = preg_replace('/(=)([A-Z0-9_])(=)/e', ' . constant("$2") . ', $foo);
> echo $bar;
> ?>

You're trying to match one or more characters in the class, so add a "+".  
And you're not concatenating the expression 'constant("$2")' with anything, 
so lose the extra periods.  Parentheses aren't needed around the equals 
signs, so you might as well drop those too.  Ex:

preg_replace('/=([A-Z0-9_]+)=/e', 'constant("$1")', $foo);


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