I have been looking into some of the CMS' that the php
community provides. Now I wonder what the common
thoughts about these are. Are they fit for deployment
into professtional organisations or simply still on a
"idealistic-website" level?

I made a trial installation of php-nuke and frankly
i'm very impressed on some matters, like its sceduled
posting and admin interface. However it lacs some
features in the ability to apply a own design, its
forum has something left to desire so on. It might
work for a site like /., but I doubt it would work
very well on a corporate nework. PostNuke might even
look a bit better and dynamic. Am I wrong about this?
Do anyone got any experiences with eZ publish?

What interests me in a CMS, are subjects like:

-Ability to use role/group-based access. 
-Forum options (access/theading/moderation s.o.)
-Ability to easily make a design/theme that fits a
strict and "ready-set" design.
-Ability to incorporate existing

I would very much like to hear your thoughts of

Olav Bringedal

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