You can do whatever you want, of course.

Sessions just make your code easier and portable and more people will be
able to understand what you're talking about.

Sessions are just a way to pass a variable between pages. You assign a
variable to the session, and you retrieve it on any other page that has a
session. that's it. You can use regular variables or arrays...

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> HI
> While waiting for responses on my first question, I've done some reading
> on sessions, and came up with the following questions:
> First, I have been coding with PHP for a while without knowing about
> sessions, and have completed a couple of rather large projects without
> using sessions as such, yet, much of what I have read on sessions, I
> have done "manually" already by creating my own unique "id's" and
> passing them on via url to the subsequent pages.
> So, here is my question.
> Is sessions basically just that, made "easier" , or are there
> fundamental differences/advantages. I know (now after reading a bit)
> about the use of cookies etc if availale when using sessions, and that
> you cannot "overwrite" a session variable by passing it via url, but are
> those the only differences? So, basically, do you really HAVE to use
> sessions, or is it like most other things in life; "there are more than
> one way to skin a cat". Are there set "rules" or guidelines to when one
> would definately absolutely have to use sessions?
> Thanks
> Hope I make sense...
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